MoneyLab: Disaster Capitalism will come to Berlin in March 2021!

MoneyLab: Disaster Capitalism will come to Berlin in March 2021!

In moments of catastrophic change, the unthinkable suddenly becomes reality. The Covid 19-crisis not only awakens our deepest fears, but also our sense of what is possible. MoneyLab Berlin wants to make room for utopias, experiments and radical ideas of a fair and inclusive economy. In the course of this event we will present creative coping strategies, artistic answers to the phenomena of data capitalism and approaches to expand the spaces of possibility of our collective imagination.

Facets of crisis capitalism
We have been living in crisis mode for years: from the “financial crisis” of the “debt crisis” to “refugee crisis” (better: “solidarity crisis”), “climate crisis” and the current “corona crisis”. An end of the ‘crisis’ narrative is not foreseeable in the near future. Quite the contrary: each new state of emergency acts as the initial spark for a further chain reaction of effects that could hardly have been foreseen.

Our global digital economy settles down in crisis mode
Governments use crisis situations to push for corporate rescue packages and the withdrawal of regulations. Financial regulations are being underminded. Large corporations announce that they are suspending their rent payments despite substantial profits. Civil rights are under discussion.

The video conferencing software Zoom becomes a symbol of the digital migration of our social contacts, despite blatant privacy and security problems. Instead of driving or traveling by car, more and more people are sitting in front of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, driving data traffic to unprecedented heights – which in turn has a significant impact on carbon dioxide emissions.

Many countries are hinting at relaxing environmental standards to boost the economy, which would cancel out the only benefit the crisis has brought so far: a significant reduction in air pollution in that country.

So the question arises: is the narrative of the permanent catastrophe possibly the last push of the age of finance & data capitalism?

What if people collectively abandoned the crisis mode and instead of consuming the news of catastrophes in outrage media, exercised their imagination and practiced solidarity actions?

MoneyLab Berlin wants to create a space for questions like these:
How do we want to shape politics and co-determination? Who is taking profit from the constant narrative of crisis? How can we ensure social coordination on a global level – without data kraken and surveillance corporations? What value does freedom have? How do we imagine an economy that serves people, animals and the environment instead of exploiting them?

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SAVE THE DATE: MoneyLab Berlin, March 26-28, 2021

organized by SUPERMARKT Berlin, with the support of Hauptstadtukturfonds (HKF) and Institute of Network Cultures Amsterdam. In partnership with the international board of MoneyLabs wordwide, TRUST Berlin, CIRCLES universal basic income on the blockchain, The Sphere, Economic Space Agency (ECSA), the DisCO team and many more!

MoneyLab: Disaster Capitalism will come to Berlin in March 2021!