Building Communities and Networks for Commons-Based Economies

Building Communities and Networks for Commons-Based Economies

A public learning journey and exchange between commons practitioners from Instituto Procomum / Santos, Brazil and SUPERMARKT in Berlin.

SUPERMARKT Berlin and Instituto Procomum in Santos, São Paolo/ Brazil, have been doing extensive work in the field of the commons, social justice and the cooperative digital economy. Both organizations know each other well and occasionally had a chance to collaborate during the last years, for instance in a panel for the re:publica conference in 2018. During recent conversations with the directors of both organizations we realised that teaming up more strategically and engaging in a well-facilitated exchange between commons-oriented communities of the Global South and Europe would generate a lot of value not just for our respective organizations, but also for the regional ecosystems we are part of.

Ela Kagel, co-founder of SUPERMARKT and Georgia Nicolau, Vice-Executive Director and Institutional Director of Instituto Procomun, have received a grant via the IFA CCP Synergy Grant to help bringing a diverse group of commons practitioners together. The exchange program has started on August 19th, 2021 and will continue until mid November 2021.

Following the work of both organizations on Arts, Economics and Social Innovation the aim of this collaboration is to promote a series of virtual exchanges in different formats (conversations, meetings, publications), exploring the thematics of Economic Justice, practices of Collaborative Economies and aspects of self-organisation in the domains of Cryptocurrencies, Feminist Economics and Commons-Based Economies.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic the meetings will be scheduled between August and November 2021 online. These encounters are planned in a way that there will be enough time to create a common agenda, with a focus on developing strategic cooperations in current projects at both organizations.


Georgia Nicolau, Ela Kagel, Andreas Arnold, Rachel Uwa, Marilia Guartita, Rashid Owoyele, Niva Silva, Victor Sousa, Familia Delgado, Rodrigo Savazoni.

First public workshop meeting:
September 15th, 2021. More info to follow shortly!

This exchange is made possible by the IFA CCP Synergy – Networking Civil Societies grant.

Building Communities and Networks for Commons-Based Economies
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