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Platform Coops Now! Community Call

July 1 @ 16:00 - 17:30

Login here: http://conference.streampark.tv/b/ela-h66-mne

Calling coopreneurs, platform coop enthusiasts and activists for more equitable futures,

especially those who already participate in the current Platform Coops Now! Online Course, organized by the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE) and the Mondragon University, but also everyone else who is interested in learning about platform cooperativism.

Please join us for our upcoming community call in which we will have the opportunity for reflecting on the course’s contents and connecting with people that are regionally close.

With the exception of our 1st Community Call (Wed), we intend to get together with you on the Thursdays (4-5.30 pm) of the upcoming weeks and mutually respond to your questions and learnings from the lecture material.

In our first session we’d like you to introduce yourselves and your existing coop, project, idea or need you bring to the course. We’ll be +20 participants and +5 projects within our round, so you’ll be able to connect and join other projects, too. Please give us an idea on who you are and feel free to use the project & matching list as a means of exchange. This list is for our local group only and inspired by the global participants list whereas Trebor, Jose Mari and Ana urge you to enlist yourselves and connect to other people as well.

As another medium for exchange, we have created a WhatsApp group for all of you to join: say hello and please support each other!

Since the lecture material for the second part of the course will focus on building a platform coop we want to discuss as well how the learnings are translating into your project. Therefore you will need to look through the content of the week before our regular calls and reserve some time within your team in order to reflect and adopt to your situation. There will be more clarification on the formats in the Orientation Session.

Last, but not least we want you to know that we would like to support your incubation process for another 3 month after the official Platform Cooperatives Now! course since we know that prototyping and founding a coop does take some time. More info here: https://platformcoop.de/platform-coops-now/

Join us here: http://conference.streampark.tv/b/ela-h66-mne

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash

Platform Coops Now! Community Call


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