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Transition Design: Cooperativist Futures for Organizations

18. October 2022 @ 16:00 - 18:00

This online workshop focuses on the transition from legacy institutions towards a cooperative or commons-oriented organization. In this workshop Rashid Owoyele will propose a design method to help organizations to build a commons-based economy-oriented design culture around their projects and initiatives. Co-host Ela Kagel will contribute a concrete use case, SUPERMARKT, which is an institution in transition. You are invited to bring your own use cases and work along your own visions, goals and challenges — these will be guiding prompts for the scheduled breakout sessions which will be led by you!

In July 2022, Rashid and Ela hosted a first workshop, where they tested a cooperativist design method to help organizations pursue strategies towards a commons-based economy. This event is a continuation of that conversation and co-host Ela Kagel will pick up the conversation by updating the participants on the current standing of SUPERMARKT and the developments which have taken place since the last workshop.

This event will borrow inspiration from the unconference format and allow for the participants to co-create the conversation agenda.

What you will be invited to discuss and explore during the workshop: 

What are the relevant building blocks for making a just and equitable transition?

How do we establish the infrastructure to reimagine entrepreneurship?

And; what actions must be taken to create a landscape conducive to cooperatives and commons institutions?

For whom is this workshop?

For everyone who currently faces profound shifts in the systems they are part of. Everyone who seeks guidance in transforming their organisation or initiative into something that feels more sustainable and future-proof. Coopreneurs, researchers, activists, founders – all welcome! No prior knowledge or expertise needed. Bring your own experience and examples!

SIGN UP HERE: rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net.
We will provide you with a videoconference link after we’ll have received your registration.

Workshop context:

The Social and Solidarity Economy has emerged as a phenomenological grounding for questions around the potentials for shared-ownership and shared governance in areas previously unrealized or unimagined.

These include platforms as cooperatives, or platforms as commons but for these purposes are not only limited to platform companies nor technologies. Rashid’s research, which began with an intention to situate itself firmly within the exploration of design in relation to platform cooperativism, has led them towards a new approach of imagining businesses and technological platforms (or systems like ITC) as commons management institutions à la Elinor Ostrom.

Rashid’s dissertation seeks to bring together this range of topics into a design-related discourse and push forward a design-situated analysis of potential sites of intervention and actions more specifically. The goal of this approach is to avoid solutionizing before doing the important groundwork of researching and connecting with actual community identified needs.

This workshop is an opportunity to test both the methodology and the assumptions of Rashid’s research and to combine it with the lived experience Ela can provide from building and steering community spaces and projects over the last two decades. This will be complemented by the questions and ideas of the workshop participants, so that in the end we’ll have a tested blueprint for a design methodology that can be used for strategic organizational development.

Info about the co-hosts:

Rashid Owoyele

Rashid (they/them) is a Nigerian-American Transdisciplinary Designer and Social Innovation expert born in St. Louis, Missouri. Rashid holds a Master of Fine Arts in Transdisciplinary Design, from Parsons The New School for Design (2013), and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Ethics & Design with a minor and certificate in Environmental Science and Health in Public Health, from Indiana University (2010).

Rashid, in addition to being a Scientific Research Associate at the Weizenbaum Institute, is a senior-level consultant in social innovation and has taught students in 8 countries from interdisciplinary backgrounds (MBAs, BAs, MFAs, and MAs) in courses and professional programs including but not limited to the following: History of World Urbanism II and Social Justice and Design, Parsons The New School for Design. Ideation and Innovation, University of Cincinnati. Participatory and Transformation Design, Design-Led Innovation, and Social Innovation at Design Akademie Berlin.

Rashid is currently finalizing their PhD thesis on cooperative principles in the future networked society – including platform cooperativism and the conditions conducive to distributed ownership of ethical production.

Ela Kagel
Ela (she/her) is a German Digital Strategist and Cultural Planner (M.A.) Ela is co-founder of SUPERMARKT Berlin and has run the space/ platform since 2011 as managing partner until today. She is also co-founder and board member of Platform Cooperatives Germany eG, an umbrella organization for emerging projects within the cooperative digital economy.

Together with Platform Cooperatives Germany, Ela has been working with various platform coop businesses as part of the Social Economy Berlin team of consultants since 2020.

Ela is an active member of the advisory board for both Circles Coop and SuperCoop in Berlin. She has been part of the program committee of re:publica conference for the business & work track over the past five years. Ela is involved in several impact funding committees as advisor and jury member for programmes such as The UnFound accelerator, IGP or aws Innovative Solutions.

Together with the team of Curatorial Collective for Public Art in Berlin Ela is currently developing a series of events to explore contemporary mindsets and cultures of self-organization and work in the cultural field. This project will be launched in September 2022.


Transition Design: Cooperativist Futures for Organizations


18. October 2022
16:00 - 18:00
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