Community Day with Michel Bauwens – by SMartDE

Our partners SMartDE will be hosting the evening of our community day with Michel Bauwens. Check the full program of the day here: 10.30am - 11:30am: How to work SMart - Infosession in English - hear about SMart's services and

Resources, People, Networks: Mapping the Ecosystem with Nathan Schneider

Supermarkt Mehringplatz 9, Berlin, Berlin

We are glad to be hosting one of the key people who helped to initiate the international Platform Coop-movement at SUPERMARKT: Nathan Schneider! Together with Nathan and other core players of the Platform Coop movement in Berlin we will map

How to WEconomize local infrastructures?

Platform Coops Berlin & platforms2share present: How to WEconomize local infrastructures? For our June edition, we will welcome Dr. Yair Friedman and Dr. Zafrir Bloch-David from Tel Aviv to present us with WEconomize, a research, consulting and entrepreneurial activity engaged

Facilitate Change! Jahresfeier


Es war Ende 2017: 30 Personen, zu gleichen Teilen in den Bereichen persönliche, organisatorische und gesellschaftliche Transformation tätig, kamen im Meeet zusammen. Aus diesem inspirierenden Abend sind nicht nur einige interessante Kontakte und Kollaborationen enstanden, sondern u.a. auch die Serie:

Solid Meetup Berlin

"I’ve always believed the web is for everyone. That's why I and others fight fiercely to protect it." Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web Solid (Social Linked Data) is an open-source project, brought to life by the


This is an informal event for our local Bitlattice Community with 15 minutes presentation of the project + Q&A. What is BitLattice? In short: BitLattice will be a new coin, but no longer under the conventional blockchain protocol, instead a

Platform Coop Strategy Meetup 2019

This is a strategy meetup for platform coop founders and anyone who is interested in cooperative work. The languege of this meetup is mainly German, but we welcome English speaking guests as well & will do our best to translate

Solid Meetup Berlin

"I’ve always believed the web is for everyone. That's why I and others fight fiercely to protect it." Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web Solid (Social Linked Data) is an open-source project, brought to life by the

A Platform Coop Learning Journey

The teams of Smart Belgium, SUPERMARKT and platforms2share are partnering up to provide a unique learning journey for platform coops with support from the Enterprise Europe Network and the two EU-funded projects BeShared and EU-GIVE. We invite you to get

Music Culture Makers: Society of Owners Prototype

Supermarkt Mehringplatz 9, Berlin, Berlin

You believe in the power of music and the power of people to change society. You have also identified a space in the world of music culture that could contribute to making some really great things... but something is missing.

SUPERMARKT @ GLS Futopolis “Kooperative Wirtschaft”

GLS Bank Berlin Schumannstraße 10, Berlin

SUPERMARKT Berlin ist seit 9 Jahren ein unabhängiger Hub für die kooperative Wirtschaft in Berlin. Das SUPERMARKT-Team beschäftigt sich mit alternativen Wirtschaftsmodellen, Community-Währungen und digitaler Plattform-Ökonomie. Ela Kagel, Mitbegründerin und Digitalstrategin spricht über das Thema Arbeit Neu Denken. Wie kann


Maybe the most difficult thing to understand about cryptoeconomic systems is that they have the potential to cause an irreversible change in what we understand as ‘the economy’: making economy in itself a design space and allowing the re-evaluation of

Platform Coops Berlin: Das Kolyma2 Lieferkollektiv

Das nächste Platform Coop-Meetup im SUPERMARKT ist Kolyma 2 gewidmet, Teil des Pop-up Kollektivs Amras, das aus dem ehemaligen Lieferdienst Deliveroo hervorgegangen ist. Derzeit gründen einige der Fahrrad-Kuriere einen lokalen, selbstorganisierten Lieferdienst. Die Gruppe hat schon seit mehr als einem

Facilitate Change: 2019 Facilitators Potluck

Alle Teilnehmer*innen der FACILITATE CHANGE-Reihe sind herzlich eingeladen, mit uns am 12.12.2019 ab 18:30 im Supermarkt den Abschluss eines weiteren Jahres mit insgesamt sieben Facilitate Change Events zu feiern, kurz innezuhalten und gemeinsam ins neue Jahr zu blicken. Auch im

Token Engineering Meetup

Token Engineering is one of the most interesting challenges of our time. In our meetups we'll explore new cryptoeconomic building blocks, methods to formulate and validate cryptoeconomic systems and the role of a token engineer in blockchain projects. More infos

Platform Coops Now! Community Call

Login here: Calling coopreneurs, platform coop enthusiasts and activists for more equitable futures, especially those who already participate in the current Platform Coops Now! Online Course, organized by the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE) and the Mondragon

MoneyLab Berlin – Disaster Capitalism

MoneyLab Berlin: March 26-28, 2021 Statement by Ela Kagel, SUPERMARKT Berlin MoneyLab #11: Disaster Capitalism This first edition of MoneyLab Berlin is inspired by Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism from 2007. Klein's work centers

Circles – Universal Basic Income on the Blockchain Assembly

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month IN PERSON. We talk about @CirclesUBI , #basicincome and find new ways to grow together as a community. We will have a small market with #locally grown delicious food and #products

Coops & DAOs / Platform Coops Community Call

Login: Time: 1-2 pm CET Language: English We look forward to welcoming you to the next edition of our monthly series of Platform Coops community calls! Join us and meet co-opreneurs, researchers, finance activists, organization designers, DAO experts and