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The Class of Love

13. April 2014 @ 14:00 - 18:00


“The defining problem of modern industrial society is not injustice but alienation.” — Clive Hamilton

The Class of Love workshop, hosted by artist and academic Kate Hollett, focuses on exploring love as it is projected and expressed in the arts, sciences and communication. Does our perception of love match the reality? If not, why not, what is different? How is love communicated and understood?

The process of ‘discovering’ or learning about love has to be interactive. All emotional research must first begin with a clear understanding of what each participant understands about the emotion and what personal biases may or may not exist. Therefore the seminar is broken down into the following stages of educational development.

Part 1 | Deconstruction of Love: The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. We look specifically at the meaning of love in terms of personal and collective understanding.

Part 2 | Research and Development: An examination of love in context to historical perception using art and literature references including art history, pop culture and music, and then contrasting historical reality in terms of factual scientific studies and its effects on our ideas of love. This includes an anthropological study of love in terms of language, socio-economic, gender, biology and culture using film, text and field study.

Part 3 | Communication and Love: We examine the effects of media and forms of communication on changing perceptions of love, and communicating the information via individual research papers and film, all uploaded to a group research web-based project summary.

This workshops aims to connect individual and collective study, research and data collection to form a broader understanding of love, opening up avenues of future research in the field by promoting interactive experimentation and adding to the overall study of love in the academic and artistic worlds.

Language of presentation: English, but comments and discussion are also welcome in German.

Cost: €5 recommended donation

Registration: This workshop has a limited capacity. To reserve your place please email

Please bring: 1) a blindfold, 2) paper and pen, 3) a computer, laptop or smartphone for online data submission.

About the host:
After 14 years of research and creating multi-media art, Kate Hollett defines love as art. Her work in the area of love and communication are the genesis for the workshop topic and format. After a successful career in Advertising and Design, including multiple awards for design excellence, Kate ‘closed shop’ to become a full time artist, exhibiting and working all over the world including France, Spain, Italy, UK, US and Canada. Her paintings are part of many prestigious collections including patronage by Former President Bill Clinton and world-renowned installation artist Christo, as well as invitations for the Ambassador’s Art prize in Belgium. Her video work has been featured at the LA Short Film Festival and won “Best in Show” at the Detroit International Art Video Festival. Most recently she has taught a Class of Love to university students at Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg.

“After over 12 years of art and research with the multi media “The ‘I Love You’ Project”; I have learned and shared a process of deconstruction and expansion with people all over the world. If love can be practiced and created using art, then theoretically it can be expanded to include education. I am inspired to share what I had learned, test theories, and combine ideas of love, art and thinking into something that could be an educational platform. It is the Class of Love that amalgamated my years of work into a form of educational art.” – Kate Hollett

The Class of Love is a research based, art project, part of a larger interactive project entitled Love in the 21st Century.

The Class of Love


13. April 2014
14:00 - 18:00


Brunnenstrasse 64
Berlin, Berlin 13355
+ Google Karte
(+49) 30-609 875 905


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