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30. Juni 2017 @ 10:00 - 17:00

A workshop on the social re-organization of emerging technologies and their distribution according to community standards. Together with you, we want to find out more about the potential of cooperativism in today’s digital ecosystems. What are the issues we need to tackle into in order to make the platform coop-movement sustainable?

As a growing movement facing the tsunami of low-wage work, platform cooperativism maps new terrain: it is about the convergence of 21st-century technologies and the rich, global heritage of cooperativism. (Trebor Scholz)

Workshop Themes:

Infrastructures of Cooperation: The means of production, such as data storage or transaction systems, frame and structure our modes of use. Which is why the frameworks of cooperative, open-source and commons-oriented models link institutional and organizational change to corresponding changes in the design and use of computational infrastructuces.
To what extent can or will will platform coops continue to rely on mainstream development practices, commercial clouds and proprietary software? What is the technological state of play across the cooperativism movement?

Diversity: Apart from technology and production, there are other issues that are crucial to the sustainable development of platform coops: Most cooperatives do not explicitly address matters of gender, ethnicity, or economic inequality. Are blockchain-based energy coops, for example, just the latest iteration of a geeky hipsterism? How do coops expect to create a participatory culture open to the different histories, ways of living, and imagined futures of their members? And how can the technological design and user experience of coop-baed products and services reflect such diversity?

Governance: Peer-to-peer cultures have created their own organizational models. Cooperative structures are based on the ideal of democratic control, which mostly involves consensus-based decision making. However, consensus is slow and not always the best form to proceed with urgent matters. What other forms of governance are feasible for a coops, especially with regards to emerging, decentralized technologies such as blockchain?

Data Security: When it comes to control over information flows, what aspects of such control can be applied to flows of personal/behavioral data on cooperative platforms? What are relevant privacy and security standards that should be taken into account? In what ways can platform coops pioneer and set standards that could become a model for the industry at large?

These are wide-ranging topics, meant to trigger your practical enthusiasm regarding the promises of the cooperativism movement. We will also review relevant national and international calls and use this f2f exchange to develop ideas for collaborative funding proposals.

Confirmed Participants so far:

Friday, June 30th from 10am to 5pm

At SUPERMARKT Berlin, Mehringplatz 9, 10969 Berlin

Seats are limited, booking is essential.

Participation is free of charge.
Registration: please send your registration via mail to
Workshop language: English

Supported by  Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin, Senatskanzlei, Kulturelle Angelegenheiten/City Tax

Produced by SUPERMARKT Berlin, in cooperation with K8, xm:lab and P2P Lab, Platform Coop Germany e.V. (i.G.)Our closing event of the Arts & Commons-series will look into platform economies, democratic control and cooperativism. More infos soon!



30. Juni 2017
10:00 - 17:00


Mehringplatz 9
Berlin, Berlin 10969 Deutschland
(+49) 30-609 875 905



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