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Feminist Economics Seminar

25. Februar 2017 @ 10:00 - 17:00


You are invited to a day-long seminar about feminist economics, the practice– not the social science. To contrast conventional academic formats for learning and convening, this seminar is twisted into the form of a free experimental yoga retreat, led by a real California yoga teacher who is also a feminist economist. Using the physical and linguistic structure of yoga, we will sit or lie on the floor as we challenge the rule of money, individualism, obedience, and patriarchy over our individual and collective bodies.

Rich and poor participants alike will use a combination of group discussions, ritual, writing, movement, and Kundalini Yoga to push our physical, spiritual and intellectual selves beyond the limits of mere survivalism and narcissistic self-care, into the generative unknown of solidarity and interdependence. This powerful flow will squeeze your infinite employment potential until your authentic happy baby rises up from the bowels of the earth and cries mutiny– against the tacit agreement that your life be spent working to save the economy that sells you back your own golden nectar.

We will combine challenging yoga sets and breathwork with theoretical, activist and artistic approaches to healing what’s broken and developing trust and solidarity to support collective forward movement. This class aims to link personal transformation with our collective ability to build strategic political interventions based in radical patience, post-work self-worth, collective responsibility, and the cultivation of non-monetary values.

In this seminar, we will use this social science as a pragmatic and embodied framework for living and cooperating away from the value paradigm of neoliberal capitalism. No experience necessary.

:*~#^*{You are not a financial instrument}*^#~*:


This feminist economics seminar is free of charge. Please rsvp and tell us a bit about your background and your interest in the topic.

Please send your mail to:

You are kindly asked to bring a yoga mat, if you can!
Music for yoga set developed and performed by Pau Pahana.

More infos about Cassie Thornton:

Cassie Thornton is an artist who is also referred to as the Feminist Economics Department (the FED). Her work investigates and reveals the impact of governmental and economic systems on public affect, behavior, and unconscious, with a focus on debt and security. Cassie’s works offer regular people an alternate route to find ‚financial success‘ by revealing the value of complex personal narratives instead of credit scores, dreams over data, and value divorced from nasty cheating money. These opportunities are extended to the privileged and the poor– Cassie and the FED wish to invite all people to imagine debt as a physical obstacle that can be smashed like a piñata, to experience credit approval based on trustworthiness, and to witness the sense of duty and responsibility that comes when living is not a financial instrument.

Feminist Economics Resources

Kathi Weeks: We Work Too Damn Hard!

Black Lives Matter Platform: Specifically Reparations, Economic Justice, Invest/Divest + Community Control

Financial Melancholia: Mental Health and Indebtedness by the Political Economy Research Center

Silvia Federici: Feminism and the Politics of Commons

Halifax Motherhood Collective: Towards a feminist re-imagining of motherhood

Politicizing Debt: a Q&A with Annie McClanahan + Cassie Thornton

Economy, Psychology and Mental Health with Guest Harriet Fraad on Economic Update (start listening at 30:00)

Genevieve Vaughan: U.S. Feminist’s Response to September 11: Calling for a Gift-Economy

Supported by Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin, Senatskanzlei, Kulturelle Angelegenheiten/City Tax
Produced by SUPERMARKT Berlin, in cooperation with Streampark GmbH & Co.KG

Directed by Cassie Thornton & Ela Kagel

Feminist Economics Seminar


25. Februar 2017
10:00 - 17:00


Mehringplatz 9
Berlin, Berlin 10969 Deutschland
(+49) 30-609 875 905

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