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Platform Coops Berlin: Building structured support

22. März 2018 @ 15:00 - 18:00


A workshop for people who either work within a coop or plan to create one.

Facilitated by Céline Viardot and Alaexandre Sourzac-Lami, Comit Paris-Berlin.

Whether you have been managing a Genossenschaft for years or you are just planning to create one, you are warmly invited to join the workshop!
Founding and developing a coop implies a lot of challenges: defining and setting up a governance model, coping with the legal requirements, adjusting the business-model to the cooperative specifics…
Although some experts, organizations and consultancies out there have the technical knowledge and the experience necessary to tackle these issues, it is difficult to identify who can help and how, at the right stage of development.
As the Platform Coop movement develops in Berlin, there is a growing need for a more structured support between and for coops. How can we coordinate the exchange of experience between existing cooperative organizations? What are the main subjects on which coops need support? How to identify and list all consultants and experts who might help? These are the questions we will try and find the answers to together during the workshop.


Needs: we will catalog and structure the needs and questions of coop managers and founders
Existing solutions: we will identify all the knowledge and experience we can call upon
Connections: we will imagine and draft all possible forms of supports, measure the investment needed to set them up and their impact in order to sort them and select the most efficient ones.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you hope to take away from this event:
Participation is free of charge. Seats are limited, booking is essential!
Language: English

Overall program of the day in cooperation with SMartDe:
10.30am – 11:30am: How to work SMart – Infosession in English – hear about SMart’s services and its functioning.

3pm – 6pm: Join the workshop Platform Coops Berlin: building structured support organised at and by Supermarkt and Comit Berlin/Paris.

## Back at Mehringdamm 61, 1st courtyard:
6pm – 6.15pm: Update on SMartDe’s current development, its partnerships and its plans for the future.

6.15 pm – 7pm: Workshop by our member Peter Esser (in German!) – Reden können sie alle? Wieso Verhandlungen scheitern, Konflikte eskalieren und was wir dafür tun können, erfolgreicher zu kommunizieren.

7pm – 8.15pm: „Doing well by doing good, is it really possible? and how?“ by Michel Bauwens, peer-to-peer theorist, writer, researcher and founder of the P2P Foundation. The assumption for the last 300 years has been that if we all work for ourselves, the surplus will benefit society as a whole. Yet we have reached a stage in which environmental damage leads to dangerous climate disruption and increasing inequality may cause a wave of authoritarian governments on the European continent. We can no longer externalize ecological damage nor fail to recognize many positive contributions to the creation of common wealth. But, is it possible to produce in such a way that we do not endanger the planet, yet keep the essential services of modern civilization going ? Is it possible to distribute the fruits of labor without moving towards a stifling collectivism ? The good news is that millions of people are experimenting with solutions that, together, point the way to a new ‚commons-centric‘ societal model. The DNA of entredonneurial economic models is slowly emerging and exists at the micro-scale of transitioning individuals and communities. The talk will be followed by a discussion round moderated by SMart member Giorgos Anadiotis.

8.15pm — open stage for SMart members. Would you like to present yourself to the other members? Are you looking for partners for your project or would you simply like to share an idea? Book your 5 minutes by sending a mail to!
#1 Natty Holmes presenting DangerousTech Berlin
#2 you?

After that there will be snacks, music, beer and plenty of time to chat and network.

Platform Coops Berlin: Building structured support


22. März 2018
15:00 - 18:00
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