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Platform Coops Community Call: Data Coops

22. Januar 2021 @ 14:00 - 15:30

This upcoming community call is dedicated to cooperative structures that enable their members to create open data, track their data and help pooling data. Data coops might become a key factor in leveraging the power dynamics between people producing data and organizations using or exploiting data.

After a brief intro into the emerging field of data coops, we will present a concrete showcase that is currently emerging in Berlin: polypoly is a data cooperative that allows their members to know who has access to their data. Members can determine who may see their information and they can choose to delete what they decide to keep private. polypoly’s goal is to support their members in reclaiming their data from the online monopolies.

We’ll hear from Laird Brown and Christian Buggedei, members of polypoly’s core team, what the cooperative has in store for people who seek more privacy and control over their data. We will learn about the polyPod and the role of Trust within the Polypoly ecosystem.

You are invited to ask questions and to figure out in what way your own work structures might benefit from a data pool like the one of polypoly.

We invite platform coop founders, researchers, finance activists and everyone who is interested to join us for this call. You are kindly invited to either just listen in, but you can also present your own cooperative project, in order to get feedback on specific data issues you might want to bring to the discussion.

Agenda for the upcoming meeting:

Why data coops? – Brief intro by Ela Kagel and Andreas Arnold, Platform Cooperatives Germany eG.

Polypoly – Christian Buggedei and Laird Brown will present their emerging data cooperative as a concrete showcase.

Q&A – Ask your questions and discuss data issues with us!

We look forward to be having you with us!


Please note that we are using BigBlueButton, an open source video conferencing tool. BBB is GDPR-compliant and privacy-respectful, so that’s why it’s our tool of choice. If you want to test the platform prior to the call please check out the BBB test site:

This event is organized by Platform Coops Germany. It’s hosted by Ela Kagel and Andreas Arnold.

Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash

Platform Coops Community Call: Data Coops


22. Januar 2021
14:00 - 15:30


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