Deadline Sprints

Between 2014 and 2016, we have hosted 5 Deadline Sprints. The basic idea is to make procrastinators really productive-with the help of a likeminded community!

This is our original invitation text from December 2014:

It is Christmas time soon, which means end of the year , and it’s time to clear out those 2014 cobwebs from your inbox, files, drawers and desktop!

Whether you have been trying to find time to write a proposal or start an exciting new project, have unfinished work or assignments, or just like the sound of a communal working spree with other creative nerds<*ahem* minds, join us for the Xmas edition of our popular Deadline Sprint on 16.12.2014 from 10 – 22 in SUPERMARKT.

At the start of the day we will share some insights on procrastination and exercises for focus and getting things done. All participants will sign an agreement with your workload and your goals. All necessary work-sprint facilities will then be provided: hi-speed internet, comfortable work chairs, power-boards, appropriate lighting, heating, and rest zone with couches and pillows.

Our Café will be open from 10:00-22:00, ready to provide you with coffee, tea, snacks and most important Club Mate ; )

So join our 12hour challenge: it’s more fun working together than alone! Individuals as well as groups of friends or colleagues welcome.

German television channel ZDF featured the Deadline Sprint in their  Elektronischen Reporter TV series:

And here is a collection of highly concentrated, hard working people:


Images courtesy of Michelle O’Brien