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DIY Masterclass: Know Your Rights! Internship Culture in Berlin

13. November 2013 @ 14:00 - 18:00

By donation

The Topic: Internship Culture in Berlin
In 2013, issues surrounding internship culture have intensified worldwide, with multiple scandals in America and the UK, growing media coverage and increasing public awareness. From a successful lawsuit against Fox from the unpaid interns of the film Black Swan, to the shocking story of a 21-year German intern’s death after 72 hours of non-stop work, many who’ve been exposed to this culture are beginning to agree with the saying that the internship has become a new form of slavery.

With the growth, and arguably exploitation, of internship culture in Berlin, Supermarkt presents a timely Masterclass examining the problem of unfair internships, and encouraging increased awareness of legal rights for interns, led by expert in the field Katja Petrova (founder and manager of Berlin Internship Justice), with a guest presentation from Nicholas Wenzel (founder and manager InternsGoPro).

DIY Masterclass
The Masterclass will start with a presentation from Katja, looking at definitions of internships and standards of intern rights in various countries, including which types of organisations protect their interns, and which don’t. We will then examine internship culture in Berlin, from the ‘poor but sexy’ creative sector, to the ‘start-up mecca’ field known as Silicon-Allee. After an open discussion where participants are encouraged to contribute their stories and opinions, Nicholas Wenzel from InternsGoPro will then present his work and ideas to raise wider awareness and strengthen the battle for intern rights and paid professional opportunities.

14:00 Presentation from Katja Petrova on the problem with unfair internships, intern laws across the world, material and psychological aspects of unfair internships, case studies with source material from a range of articles, video and activist resources, problematic startups business models in Germany, and last but not least, solutions!
15:00 Open discussion where participants are welcome to share ideas, fears and experiences.
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Nicholas Wenzel from InternsGoPro, a European community fighting for intern rights, presents his activities, ideas and action plans, including building a team of activists and a possible demonstration in Berlin in March 2014.
17:30 Hosts will be available for private talks and consultations.

Cost: The Masterclass is free, but a donation box will be present should you wish to make a contribution to the host organisations.
Language: The language of presentation will be English.
Registration: Please register your attendance by sending an email to rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net with the subject heading “Intern Rights”. Everyone is invited to attend and participate in this Masterclass, especially activists and those who have come across this problem and/or experienced Berlin’s internship culture first-hand.
Facebook eventhttp://on.fb.me/185L3Oj

Image: Internsheep, CC Lisense by George Gastin

DIY Masterclass: Know Your Rights! Internship Culture in Berlin


13. November 2013
14:00 - 18:00
By donation




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