Platform Coops Community Call

Join us for our ongoing series of Platform Coops Community Calls, taking place every second Friday, from 2-3.30pm CEST. This is an open call format, held in English, to connect coopreneurs, founders of cooperative projects & platform with researchers, activits

Data Coops: Breaking Down the Walled Garden

"Collecting and analysing data is not fundamentally evil. The problem is, we don't control it. Monopolies like Facebook, Google or Amazon do. They have built empires based on our data. This not only harms us, it harms all citizens, our

Circles – Universal Basic Income on the Blockchain Assembly

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month IN PERSON. We talk about @CirclesUBI , #basicincome and find new ways to grow together as a community. We will have a small market with #locally grown delicious food and #products

Commons Economies Exchange part 1: Build your own DisCO!


A learning journey and exchange between Commons practitioners from Instituto Procomum / Santos, Brazil and SUPERMARKT in Berlin. Following the work of both organizations on Arts, Economics and Social Innovation the aim of this collaboration is to promote a series

#TheNewCommonSense. Forging the Cooperative Digital Economy

Humboldt University , Deutschland

At a time of far-reaching economic uncertainty, transformations that previously seemed unthinkable are becoming common sense. Now is the time to explore how cooperative principles help to build democratic digital startups. At #TheNewCommonSense, we will take stock of new platform

MoneyLab: Infosession on the NFT Essay Prize

Popular search query: “Making Millions with NFTs!” Empowerment or Trap? Jackpot or pocket money? You be the judge. Time to auction off our criticality. In a single year, NFTs have gone from obscurity to superstardom. Are NFTs, DeFi and gamified

Platform Coops Community Call , Deutschland

Calling coopreneurs, platform coop founders and everyone interested in more equitable futures! You are invited to join us for our weekly call for start-up organizations from the cooperative digital economy. You will get to know people from all over Europe

Internet For Future! Workshop des Bildungswerks der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Das Bildungswerk der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftrung lädt alle zu diesem Workshop ein, die 1) an kooperativem Wirtschaften interessiert sind 2) klima-neutraler im Alltag handeln möchten 3) sich mit politischen Lösungen für eine nachhaltige Digital-Infrastruktur einsetzen wollen und 4) das Internet als gesellschaftlichen

Coops & DAOs / Platform Coops Community Call

Login: Time: 1-2 pm CET Language: English We look forward to welcoming you to the next edition of our monthly series of Platform Coops community calls! Join us and meet co-opreneurs, researchers, finance activists, organization designers, DAO experts and

Platform Coops – Build Your Own!

DE// In diesem Workshop geht es um die entscheidenden Schritte bei der Gründung einer Platform Coop. Dieser Workshop findet auf Englisch statt. Wer organisiert den Workshop? Das Gründungsteam der Platform Cooperatives Germany eG bietet den Workshop an. Andreas Arnold, Claudia


MoneyLab NFT prize award event

Empowerment or Trap? Jackpot or pocket money? You be the judge. Time to auction off our criticality. In a single year, NFTs have gone from obscurity to superstardom. Are NFTs, DeFi and gamified decentralized apps the new way for the

Transition Design: Cooperativist Futures for Organizations

Online workshop for people who are interested in organizational design, commons-based economies and cooperativism. The workshop is free of charge. Seats are limited, so booking is essential! Register your spot here: Hosted by Rashid Owoyele and Ela Kagel Summary 

GameChanger – a project by CCPA and SUPERMARKT

GameChanger is a research and mediation project extending from March 2022 till February 2023. The project is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds (HKF) and is curated by Yael Sherill - Curatorial Collective for Public Art (CCPA) and Ela Kagel - SUPERMARKT. Project

After Extractivism – Workshops of the Berliner Gazette Annual Conference

Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte Greifswalder Straße 4, 10405 Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

The Berliner Gazette (BG) 2022 project AFTER EXTRACTIVISM launches its intervention at a critical juncture: Economic and ecological crises are increasingly devastatingly intertwined and fuel each other – an ecological-economic complex (or rather: vicious circle) that produces pandemics, extreme weather

Transition Design: Cooperativist Futures for Organizations

This online workshop focuses on the transition from legacy institutions towards a cooperative or commons-oriented organization. In this workshop Rashid Owoyele will propose a design method to help organizations to build a commons-based economy-oriented design culture around their projects and

DisCOmposting: Radical Care Economix for Rotten Systems

Cooperatively hosted by Irene Lopez de Valejo, Sara Esribano (DisCO Coop) and Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT): We would like to invite you to a day of reflective harvest . We will sail through the cycles of collective regeneration that self-organised groups

Game-Changer: The Game

Panke Gallery Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5 13347 Berlin, 13347 Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

Join Game-Changers Board Game Play & Participatory Theatre! Date: September 28th (Thursday) Time: 19:00-22:00 Location:, Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5 13347 Berlin Introduction: Get ready for an evening of excitement and engagement! Introducing Game-Changers: The Game, a public storytelling board