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DAO Learning Journey: Re-defining Organizational Development

5. September 2019 @ 12:00 - 18:00

One of the most interesting concepts to be implemented through decentralized ledger technologies is the DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. DAOs are designed as an economic model with no monopolistic intermediary capitalizing on the value and time shared between peers on platforms.

These decentralized autonomous organisations represent a promise of a networked community in which members’ interests and group purposes are aligned and balanced through the inherent organizational architecture and governance protocols.

DAOs do not only challenge the world of technology, but also influence community management, shared decision making on budgets and projects, as well as organizational development at large. This networked coordination model is facilitating collaboration across nations and jurisdictions. And once legal frameworks for DAOs will become available they might even become a formal container for business development.

In this learning journey, we strive at explaining the notions of the DAO, their modes of operation, as well as chances and challenges. We invite guests to participate live in a DAO decision making process. We will look into governance models as the underlying operating system for community participation and we hope to give participants a clearer idea of how a decentralized organization actually works.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in participating in a DAO or in building one – no particular tech knowledge required.

For this workshop we propose the following structure:

  • DAOs as operating system for organizations
  • Decentralized governance applications for enabling participation & co-creation
  • Adopting new standards: organizational development and legal frameworks

We invite DAO builders, community managers and legal experts to share their knowledge and provide best practices from the field.

Confirmed speakers so far:

Beth McCarthy: Co-founder of DAOincubator.
Daniel Shavit:
Research & Community lead at Aragon Black.
Felipe Duarte: Artist, social innovator and manager of
Patrick Rawson: Communications Director at DAOstack.
Theo Beutel: DAO Researcher, Mentor at DAOincubator and Co-Editor of OrgTech Review.

This workshop is curated & organized by Andreas Arnold and Ela Kagel from SUPERMARKT Berlin.

Language: English
Tickets: 25 EUR (incl. Eventbrite-fees and VAT)

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Thanks to our partners:

DAO Learning Journey: Re-defining Organizational Development


5. September 2019
12:00 - 18:00
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