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Value Instrument – a Platform for Community Value Transfer

16. Oktober 2018 @ 19:00 - 21:00

Value Instrument – a Platform for Community Value Transfer

Anna Blume, co- initiator of the Value Instrument platform, will present & playshop thee initiative at our next money talk on Tuesday, October 16th at 7pm.

The Value Instrument is a set of four principles in monetary design to stimulate economic activity in communities. These principles offer a different system to what other currencies provide today. The concept could be implemented on a paper. But only software technologies known as smart contracts and blockchains really make it viable to run efficiently, cost effective and safe.

We provide a ‘meta’ tool, for designing and deploying your own complementary cryptocurrency, which can include a basic income for each of your community members. The mechanism we designed is one supported implementation. It’s down to your community to choose the settings and hit “deploy currency”.

The Value Instrument Principles

#1 You get Value on a regular basis.

#2 You burn the amounts received, if not used within their lifetime.

#3 Your received amounts always have fully renewed lifetime.

#4 You pay a transaction fee, to avoid ping-pong transfers for regaining new lifetime.

During this workshop, you’ll get the opportunity of live testing the Value Instrument platform and figuring out ways of how you might want to integrate it into your own work or community project.

Value Instrument – a Platform for Community Value Transfer


16. Oktober 2018
19:00 - 21:00
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