GameChanger – a project by CCPA and SUPERMARKT

GameChanger is a research and mediation project extending from March 2022 till February 2023. The project is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds (HKF) and is curated by Yael Sherill - Curatorial Collective for Public Art (CCPA) and Ela Kagel - SUPERMARKT. Project

Dancing on Moss: DisCO’s Underground Regeneration Economix

Moos Moosdorferstr 7–9, 12435 Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

#practicescomposting #lunarpunk #regeneration #resistance #activism #globalmycellium #DisCOharvest #DisCOnomix Solarpunk is to Lunarpunk as sun is to moon. Solarpunk is to Lunarpunk as day is to night. Solarpunk is to Lunarpunk as science and technology are to occult and spirituality. Solarpunk