Update on MoneyLab Berlin

Update on MoneyLab Berlin

Update on MoneyLab Berlin (March 26-28, 2021)

When we started to plan for MoneyLab Berlin it was quite clear that we would not be able to organize a big, real-world conference with people joining from all parts of Europe and beyond. Even in the brief episodes between the lockdowns it seemed to be unrealistic to gather the international MoneyLab community in Berlin – and we still don’t know whether this type of conference will be made possible at all anytime soon.

We therefore planned MoneyLab event as a digital event, with the slight hope of maybe being able to at least organize workshops for a limited number of participants in different venues in Berlin. We have such a rich community of people building new economies and engaging in monetary experiments that we wanted to make it possible to bring people to those spaces and help connecting them. With the latest Covid-19 regulations however it is still not possible for us to host any such events. Currently, the number of new infections is rising again, and the share of virus variants in the infections is also increasing. The federal and state governments of Germany have decided to extend the current measures to contain the Corona pandemic until 28 March 2021.

MoneyLab Berlin will be an all-digital event. We won’t be able to host any opening or closing ceremonies, neither at SUPERMARKT, nor at our partner’s live streaming location, Trust. However, we can collectively make this an inspiring event by taking the chance to network and discuss on various channels during the three days of MoneyLab Berlin. Check our program and you will see that an amazing line-up of speakers and timely topics is waiting for you. From Friday, March 26 through Sunday, March 28, we will host workshops, participatory online formats, call-in shows, talks and panels. Participants can connect via chat or simply call in to our feedback sessions. Our MoneyLab Discord channel is a lively online platform, featuring artists, researchers and activists from around the world. Just join us!

Please find regular updates regarding program and speakers on the MoneyLab Berlin website. MoneyLab Berlin will be streamed live on our website and through various partners and social media channels.
Admission is free, but those of you who actively want to engage with speakers and program need to sign up here. After registration, we will provide you with links and program updates.

MoneyLab Berlin is supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Institute of Network Cultures. It is organized by the team of SUPERMARKT Berlin and curated by Ela Kagel.

We can’t wait to see you all online and to welcome you to this 11th edition of MoneyLab!
Best wishes,

Ela & the SUPERMARKT team

Update on MoneyLab Berlin
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