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Commons Economies Exchange part 1: Build your own DisCO!

15. September 2021 @ 19:00 - 21:00

A learning journey and exchange between Commons practitioners from Instituto Procomum / Santos, Brazil and SUPERMARKT in Berlin. Following the work of both organizations on Arts, Economics and Social Innovation the aim of this collaboration is to promote a series of exchanges in different formats (conversations, meetings, publications) between staff and networks involved, exploring the thematics of Economic Justice, practices of Collaborative Economies and aspects of self-organisation in the domains of Cryptocurrencies, Feminist Economics and Commons-Based Economies. Read more about the Commons Economies Exchange, organised by Georgia Nicolau and Ela Kagel, here.

In our first public meeting we intend to build on previous conversations between our communities in Santos/ São Paolo and Berlin, in which we have already focused on what the Commons actually means in our respective local surroundings and how these notions are communicated via local projects and cultural practices.

This upcoming workshop features Stacco Troncoso, co-founder of the DisCO cooperative.
Stacco Troncoso teaches and writes on the Commons, P2P politics and economics, open culture, post-growth futures, Platform and Open Cooperativism, decentralised governance, blockchain and more as part of, Commons Transition and Guerrilla Translation.

Stacco will present DisCO, a P2P/Commons, cooperative and Feminist Economic alternative to Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs). The DisCO (read all about it in the DisCO Elements) takes a friendly but carefully planned approach to people working together to create value in ways that are cooperative, commons-oriented and rooted in feminist economics. DisCOs are amplified by the power of Distributed Ledger/Blockchain technologies, harnessing the utility of tech without being completely tech-centric, emphasizing mutual trust and remembering to have fun.

We invite commons practitioners, cultural producers, community builders, cooperativists, researchers, founders of alternative economic models to join us for this shared exploration of the DisCO approach as a model of building community-centered organisations.

This workshop will be held in English. There will be a English-Portugese live translation available.

This exchange is made possible by the IFA CCP Synergy – Networking Civil Societies grant.

Please register for this free online workshop via

Image courtesy of DisCo coop.

Commons Economies Exchange part 1: Build your own DisCO!


15. September 2021
19:00 - 21:00
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